Africa Instruments consists of experts in Trade instruments and other financial products since 2016 to date. With our expertise consultants we are able to offer premium tailored solutions through our internationally recognised team of experts. Throughout the years, we have successfully managed to identify the genuine providers of financial institutions in the market and managed to build strong relationship with them to provide better services to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the private sector catalyst in promoting sustainable trade solutions for our clients by empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through access to finance and related services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our clients so as to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives through the provision of timely, innovative and cost effective solutions. As Advisor/ Consultant to our clients we work with their management teams throughout the entire process so as to maximize shareholder value. Our Team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing outstanding service, quantifiable value and creative solutions to the select group of companies that we represent. Our ethos and business approach is based upon complete trust and high quality service. We, as Africa Instruments, are committed to actively respond to the evolving needs of our client companies.

What We Do

Africa Instruments has been established as a link between local commodity traders and the global market, to offer solutions such as trade facilitation, structured trade solutions, Market Linkages and consultancy in financial instruments globally. Our team of experienced professionals tailor solutions to assist customers with their specific trade requirements that best match their business. We serve our customers from offices located in Nairobi, Kenya with a view to creating long-term and sustained partnerships built on the shared values of trust and consistency.


1. We work in partnership with a large network

2. Proven track record based on diligence, efficiency and integrity

3. Established relationships and large network of partners

4. Strong market position at the intersect of trade and finance